Terms and conditions

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Withdrawal policy

I acknowledge that Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre requires one week's notice for cancellation. A Cancellation form must be filled out in office. NO refunds will be issued on payments already processed.

After the end of the business day December 22nd 2018, a cancellation will no longer be accepted for students registered for the 2018/2019 dance season. You will have the option the option to continue monthly payments or buy out your reserved class in a lump sum payment should you wish to stop attending the classes. If we are not notified of your payment option, your account will be debited 30 days after the last class attended.

1 Day Workshops and Summer Classes: If you are required to cancel a registration before the first class begins, a $30 administrative fee will be applied to your refund.

If you are required to cancel a registration before the third class of a session, NO refund will be provided. However, you will receive a credit valid for 3 months from the start date of the program. Your credit is valid with Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre only.


Health Information and Medical Release

I, ___________, the parent /guardian of ______________, acknowledge that participation in dance is potentially dangerous and there is an inherent risk of injury involved.

In allowing my child to participate in Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre's activities, I hereby assume all the risks associated with the performing arts. I understand the importance of myself and my child following the instructions and rules set by their instructor/s, and I agree to release Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre and it's employees of any and all liability which may arise as a result of my child's participation in activities at Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre.

The undersigned gives permission to Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre, its owners and operators to seek medical treatment for the participant in the event they are not able to reach a parent or guardian. I hereby declare any physical/mental problems, restrictions, or condition and/or declare the participant to be in good physical and mental health.


Release of Liability

As the legal parent or guardian, I release and hold harmless Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre, its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre, its owners and operators or in route to or from any of said premises.
I've read the above and agree.


Parent Release Form for Photography and Videography

I, the undersigned, give permission for Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre to use video footage and/ or photographs of my child, _______________________. This usage may include, (but not exclusive to) displaying publicly, distributing or publishing, photographs, and/or video of my child for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to;
- Printed materials (e.i - brochures and newsletters)
- Online and offline advertising and promotion
- Videos and digital images such for use on social media
By signing this form, I acknowledge that I am giving unrestricted permission for my child's image to be used in print, video and digital media. I agree that these images may be used by Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre for a variety of purposes and that these images may be used without further notification. I do understand that any identifying information including surname and location will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images.


Covid Assumption of Liability

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. Creative Connexions has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however,Creative Connexions cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, participation could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by participation; and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 at Creative Connexions may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, Creative Connexion’s employees, volunteers, and program participants and their families

I voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to myself (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that I may experience or incur in connection with my participation at Creative Connexions. On my behalf, I hereby release, covenant not to sue, discharge, and hold harmless Creative Connexions, its employees, agents, and representatives, of and from the Claims, including all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto. I understand and agree that this release includes any Claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of Creative Connexions, its employees, agents, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 infection occurs before, during, or after participation at Creative Connexions.

I represent that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or illness I may suffer or cause while participating in this activity, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or illness myself. I further represent that I have no medical or physical condition which could interfere with my safety in this activity, or else I am willing to assume – and bear the costs of – all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition.

By signing this document, I agree that if I am exposed or infected by COVID-19 during my participation in this activity, then I may be found by a court of law to have waived my right to maintain a lawsuit against the parties being released on the basis of any claim for negligence.

I have had sufficient time to read this entire document and, should I choose to do so, consult with legal counsel prior to signing. Also, I understand that this activity might not be made available to me or that the cost to engage in this activity would be significantly greater if I were to choose not to sign this release, and agree that the opportunity to participate at the stated cost in return for the execution of this release is a reasonable bargain. I have read and understood this document and I agree to be bound by its terms.

I agree that I will practice safe social distancing and clean hygiene during my participation at Creative Connexions.